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Friendly colleagues, excellent working conditions and unlimited growth opportunities.

As an operator at Yara, you’re the person behind an operational plant. You combine your technical skills with chemistry expertise to steer the production process in the right direction.

The position of an Operator at Yara Sluiskil involves an interesting blend of technology and chemistry. We use all kinds of raw materials, from natural gas (methane), air and water, to dolomite stone and gypsum, to make nitrogen fertilisers and industrial chemicals. These include Air1 and NOxCare which capture harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx), CO2 for the soft drinks industry, and even dry ice, which is used to store vaccines, among other applications. These high-quality products are the result of a unique, meticulous production processes.  

Every chemical plant is different, so you learn the profession from a mentor and your teammates right from the outset. You start off by getting acquainted with all the processes in and around your plant, then you head inside and learn how the plant is operated from the control room. Do you have the skills and ambition we need? Then you can continue your growth. Our goal is for you to become a Head Operator within 5 years.

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“I work with people of all ages, which enables an interesting dynamic in the team.”


Tamar Blammaert

Operator CES

Tamar - Operator

What we offer you

At Yara, you can count on excellent employment conditions, appreciation and growth opportunities. We also make sure you have a good work-life balance and work in a safe environment.

  • 1. Work-life balance

    It’s essential that you enjoy a healthy balance between your work and private life; besides your role as a colleague, you’re equally important as a partner, parent, friend and family member and if your work is stimulating and motivating, everyone benefits. We also make sure meetings are as efficient as possible and provide support for your psychological well-being.

  • 2. Culture and people

    Every individual member of our team brings knowledge and experience and that makes us stronger as a company. To reinforce this aspect, we invest in creating equal opportunities and strive for a work environment where everyone feels respected and valued. You’ll be part of a close-knit team at Yara Sluiskil. We’re there for each other, we take on challenges together and we help each other move forward.

    Read more about diversity, equity & inclusion here 

  • 3. Salary and allowances

    We offer you excellent compensation. In addition to one of the highest starting salaries in the region, you can also look forward to a 29% shift allowance, a 13th month (with shift allowance) and 8% holiday pay. We reimburse travel expenses, including the tunnel toll. Since we also care about your long-term future, you will also participate in an excellent pension scheme.

  • 4. Compensation package

    You are entitled to 25 days off on a full-time basis, and there are various schemes in place for additional leave. You can also enjoy a discount on sports subscriptions and you can join one of our Yara sports clubs, such as the ski club or futsal club. Another weight off your shoulders; we’ll provide a generous allowance to help you and your partner with healthcare costs.

  • 5. Growth opportunities

    From when you start at Yara, our goal is that you become a Head Operator within 5 years. That requires you to learn continuously; on the job, from your teammates and from an assigned mentor. Besides practical experience, the Yara learning platform will provide learning materials to help you progress. Interested in following an additional course? Discuss it first with HR, as we’ll often help pay for it.


Why become an operator at Yara?

For a starting Operator, there’s no better place to kick off your career than with Yara. Not only can you expect one of the highest starting salaries in the region, good compensation package and plenty of career opportunities. Above all, you’ll find yourself in a social company. We’re a working family, that uses technology and chemistry to work towards a sustainable food supply.

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If your ambition is to grow, and you show that’s what you want and what you are capable of, then Yara will support you all the way.

Michiel van Doeselaar
Assistent Production Coordinator

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