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“50% of the world’s population can feed themselves thanks to mineral fertilisers.”

Yara leads the world when it comes to crop nutrition. With over 17,000 colleagues in 60 countries around the world, we develop innovative agricultural and environmental solutions for a nature-positive food future. Our planet is currently home to 8 billion people, and that number is expected to grow to almost 10 billion by 2050. That means we have to produce 50% more food, yet fulfil our promise to cut CO2 emissions by 60%. To meet these challenges, we’re improving our products and processes and making them more sustainable, we’re working on CO2 storage solutions, and we’re actively developing sustainable alternatives for our essential raw materials.

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These developments are being put into practice in factories such as Yara Sluiskil, our largest production facility in the world. Since 1990, we’ve already cut our emissions by 65%. Our ambition: 85-90% reduction by 2030. To make it happen, we’re looking for a new generation of thinkers and doers.

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Working at Yara makes you part of a global network that works together responsibly and profitably on some of the world's greatest challenges: scarce resources, food insecurity and the climate crisis.

That's why we want to keep learning together. It’s the very pillar of our people strategy: Grow@Yara. Everyone at Yara is given the space to develop, take responsibility and grow. 

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Yara is a major manufacturer, so every fraction of CO2 reduction makes a difference

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Process Engineer, Nitric Acid & Utilities

Yara Sluiskil

Yara Sluiskil is the world’s largest production facility of the Norwegian company Yara International. Yara Sluiskil produces nitrogen fertilisers and industrial chemicals, including Air1, AdBlue and NOxCare which capture harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). Yara Sluiskil also produces the CO2 responsible for the bubbles in soft drinks and beer, and dry ice on which products such as vaccines are stored. Yara uses a range of raw materials, such as natural gas (methane), air and water. Solids including dolomite stone and gypsum are used as a binding agent in fertiliser granules and contribute to soil improvement.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Yara, we firmly believe that creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment is not only the right approach, but a smart one. Our goal at Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is to cultivate a learning, inclusive, coaching and agile culture that is upheld by a diverse and inclusive team.  


We want everyone to feel accepted, valued and included, and to receive appropriate support. For this reason, we’re committed to fostering diversity, promoting equality, and extensive integration of our workforce through dedicated leadership and accountability. 


It is our belief that everyone, starting with ourselves, must accept responsibility and accept the consequences of our actions. We don't just make promises, we fulfil them! 


So, what are we doing in this respect at Yara? 

  • We're placing additional emphasis on recruiting individuals from a variety of backgrounds to increase diversity in our talent pool. 
  • We’re striving to ensure equal treatment by removing barriers and supporting everyone. 
  • We’re creating a coaching, inclusive culture with the help of our DEI toolbox. 
  • We’re creating an environment in which employees feel psychologically safe and able to speak their minds and feel heard. 


You can also become a DE&I ambassador for Yara Sluiskil, a role in which you uphold the core values.  


More information? Send a message to Iris or Daphne via chat.