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From world-class fertiliser to the fizz in your drink

Welcome to Yara Sluiskil: Yara's largest production facility in the world. In our modern, energy-efficient factories, we make all kinds of high-quality products, from special fertilisers to industrial chemicals. For example, AdBlue that reduces pollutant emissions from diesel engines, dry ice for storing vaccines at ultra-low temperatures and even the bubbles that give your fizzy drinks a kick.

We operate in more than 60 countries on a sustainable food supply for all, but despite our major global impact, we’re a close-knit team at Yara Sluiskil. We’re there for each other, we take on challenges together and we help each other move forward. All you need is the ambition and the drive, and countless growth opportunities await you.

Continue your growth and join us at Yara. 

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Internships: grow with us

Your growth is priority number 1 if you join Yara as an intern, so we provide good guidance and an environment where you can learn. Yara is an international company, where we work to make sure the world has a sustainable supply of food thanks to innovations such as fossil-free fertilisers and green ammonia, the fuel of the future.

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