If you’re looking for an internship that gives you the opportunity to do something really meaningful, Yara is the place for you. We work with more than 17,000 colleagues worldwide on the biggest challenges facing the food industry. Yara Sluiskil is our largest production facility in the world. In our modern factories, we make products such as high-quality fertilisers, industrial chemicals such as AdBlue that reduces pollutant emissions from diesel engines and the bubbles that give your fizzy drinks a kick.


We usually welcome candidates from a wide range of educational backgrounds. If you’re doing an intermediate professional course, for example, an internship at one of our Production or Maintenance departments would be ideal for you. You’ll learn everything about how to keep a large factory running. If you’re following a higher professional education course, an internship at our engineering department is more suitable. This is where we’re working hard on sustainable innovations such as green ammonia.


Either way, your development is our priority wherever you do your internship. That’s why we provide good guidance and a learning environment, with plenty of space for you to advance. After all, to feed the world of tomorrow, we must invest in a new generation; in you.

“My work is very varied, and that’s what keeps it challenging. It ranges from the dynamics of the day to thorough preparations for a major Maintenance shutdown, and from optimising processes to solving the very diverse practical and technical challenges together. Personally, I can look back on my internship and see how much it helped me develop, because I was always well supervised by people who knew their field. "

Joris Malcontent
Senior Process Engineer

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Groene plant

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My internship period was really fun and I learned a lot. One very positive aspect was that everyone in the department wanted to help me. After I completed my course, I started working at Yara right away!

Martijn den Engelsman
Operator CES