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A job with endless variation and growth opportunities.

A career in maintenance

One minute you’ll find yourself doing routine and preventive inspections, the next you’ll be jumping into a pick-up and rushing off to make an emergency repair. Every day is different at Yara Sluiskil. The Maintenance team is responsible for keeping every part of the factory running smoothly, from the smallest components to gigantic installations.

As a member of the team, you’ll work on installations in the central workshop or in the plant, where your safety is our priority. You’ll also drive around in a pick-up to solve malfunctions and collect parts, so you’ll have plenty of independence. You learn in the field while you work, and because our production location in Sluiskil is so big, that field is very diverse; from various chemical factories to the loading department, where large ships are loaded and unloaded.

All in all, a varied job in which you’re able to advance rapidly. That’s because if you distinguish yourself with commitment and ambition, your career will flourish. You could be promoted to a Senior Maintenance Technician, Planner or Maintenance Coordinator, for example.

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“If we do our jobs well in the Maintenance department, it’s reflected in the quality of the products. That highlights the impact of our work."

Ousmane Amadou
Head Local Maintenance

Ousmane - Maintenance

What we offer you

At Yara, you can count on excellent employment conditions, appreciation and growth opportunities. Other areas important to us are your work-life balance and making sure your working environment is safe. 

  • 1. Work-life balance

    It’s essential that you enjoy a healthy balance between your work and private life; besides your role as a colleague, you’re equally important as a partner, parent, friend, and family member, and if your work is stimulating and motivating, everyone benefits. Yara therefore offers you flexible working hours, and the possibility to work from home when feasible. We also make sure meetings are as efficient as possible and provide support for your psychological well-being.

  • 2. Culture and people

    Every individual member of our team brings knowledge and experience, and that makes us stronger as a company. To reinforce this aspect, we invest in creating equal opportunities and strive for a work environment where everyone feels respected and valued. You’ll be part of a close-knit team at Yara Sluiskil. We’re there for each other, we take on challenges together and we help each other move forward.

    Read more about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion here 

  • 3. Salary and allowances

    At Yara, you’re paid a salary that exceeds expectations, with a 13th month and 8% holiday pay. We reimburse travel expenses, including the tunnel toll. Since we care just as much about your future as the planet’s as a whole, you’ll also participate in an excellent pension scheme.

  • 4. Compensation package

    You are entitled to 26 days off on a full-time basis, and 22 ADV days (shorter working hours), so 48 days of leave a year in practice. There are also various schemes in place for additional leave. You can also enjoy a discount on sports subscriptions and you can join one of our Yara sports clubs, such as the ski club or futsal club. Another weight off your shoulders; we’ll provide a generous allowance to help you and your partner with healthcare costs.

  • 5. Growth opportunities

    Right from the outset, you start learning on the job. You’ll also receive support from an assigned mentor, giving you the opportunity to grow to the top of your field. Positions that await you include senior maintenance technician, work planner or maintenance coordinator. Yara also offers a learning platform with training and courses, and any additional courses or training you decide to follow may be entitled to reimbursement.


Why work in maintenance at Yara?

As well as a wealth of career opportunities at Yara, your personal growth is given an extraordinary amount of attention. Not much hierarchy, plenty of teamwork. It’s an environment where you are well guided, where you can ask questions and where you can learn from your mistakes; basically, the quick way to grow.

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What’s so great about my work? Working alongside others from different disciplines to create an increasingly safe environment.

Manuel Dhondt
Process Safety Lead